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Tools to tell your story

This is a word game to help survivors tell their story. The letters below are a key you can use to decipher someone's story. If you are telling your story to someone else you can send the url to this page (key) to them. They can refer to it while reading.

Did someone send you this page to read their story? Here are some tips on how to support them. Please listen to or read at least two options on this list. The quickest way is to listen to the audio recording.

Please listen to this audio recording on how to help a survivor from the Freedom Center.

What NOT to say

Are you a partner or significant other of a rape victim?

What is rape trauma syndrome? Please find out.

How to help rape victims who are experiencing trauma.

How to help rape victims from RAINN.



An example of a story using this key could be:


I was 22 years old when happened. There was a in my and I had but I couldn't tell anyone. They used and it was also a .

Why is this important? The right brain works with images and the left brain works with logic and words. PTSD victims temporarily loose communication with the left side of the brain. The creative, image oriented side has to take over those functions (words). There is also new evidence that PTSD patients actually store traumatic memories in image form in a different part of the brain than normal memories.

Words are linked to their definitions
Traumatic memories are stored in image form instead of in words.

You may want to conclude your story with a link to this key: http://www.ibiblio.org/rcip/bookincode.html

Here are some images you can use:





sign language , 2

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