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You belong...

Sites run by and for the homeless



Homeless People and the Internet


Harmony - A Beautiful site on peace and homelessness



I Hate My Life



Homeless support groups


Directory of support groups for the homeless.



Some good examples:

We are homeless support group.


Home page of the International HOMELESS Discussion List, Archives, and Weblinks – this site is the most comprehensive listing of resources for the homeless.


Homeless art sites


Homeless People's Network Discussion List



"If you've ever been homeless--or are now--here's a new list just for you. It spans three continents and a range of worldviews and backgrounds. While some posts are personal, most focus on news, views and solutions to homelessness. In our first month (10-97), list members posted 5-20 letters most weekdays, and often more on weekends."


You belong in the community. Volunteer jobs often lead to paid positions

Find a volunteer position near you 



Homeless newspapers

    Street News --- New York, New York

    Real Change --- Seattle, Washington

    Streetviews --- Cheyenne, Wyoming

    StreetWise --- Chicago, Illinois

    Spare Change --- Boston, Massachusetts

    Street Roots --- Portland, Oregon

    StreetSmarts --- Miami, Florida

    StreetSmarts --- Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

    Our Voice --- Edmonton, Alberta

    North American Street Newspaper Association


"The main thing is that you got to retain your sense of humor because with out that you are lost... But then you have to get up and try again each new day and look at it from a different angle."
anonymous British homeless person


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