Information hotlines:

Centerforce is the main resource for assistance for convicts (Direct services for cons etc.): 415-456-9980

The fortune society (jobs and other social services): 212.691.7554

National Center for Law and Economic Justice (rights): 212.633.6967


Information Resources for the Homeless

Released convicts

Information Resources for the homeless | Images of hope - browse the collection | Information for the homeless | Food | Shelters | Jobs | Help for the homeless | Resources in North Carolina | Information on homelessness


Information for released convicts hotlines

Centerforce resources for ex cons 


Very thorough listing of resources for ex offenders. "Centerforce provides services for prisoners, ex-prisoners, and family members of prisoners through direct services...four Service Areas: Children and Families Services, Transitional Services, Prisoner Service, and Informational Services. "


Resources for people in prison


Resources and services for prisoners re-entering society 212.691.7554


Resources for re-entry into society


Resources for ex-offenders from NPR


Jobs for ex-convicts at The Fortune Society


Books to read to children of incarcerated people


How to get a license or Identification card


How to get a social security card


What to do / how to help someone who has a criminal record


Search for criminal records online


Welfare Law Center


Stop Prisoner Rape


Directory of sites on prisoner rape


Find your local ACLU civil liberties advocate (court cases) by state


Stop prison rape 213-384-1400





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