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* Topic of the week: Rape is always the fault of the rapist. Makes sense doesn't it?

Take back the news


This is a survivor / feminist site – I am no longer a victim is the motto. When you hit your survivor stage you will feel stronger and may want to tell your story on a message board. This site deals with the telling of our stories and how it aids in the healing process and regaining our strength.


Women's Wiki Rape Article

This article had to be placed on the women's wiki site because it was vandalized on the main wiki.


Rape Crisis Information Wiki

Survivor Wiki


This site is part of the survivor community wiki network.


Mary Magdalene


"'Who is she?' Sophie asked.

"'That, my dear,' Teabing replied, 'is Mary Magdalene.'

"Sophie turned. 'The prostitute?'

"Teabing drew a short breath, as if the word had injured him personally. 'Magdalene was no such thing. That unfortunate misconception is the legacy of a smear campaign launched by the early Church.'"(VAN BIEMA, 2003)

"Scholars have known for decades, if not longer, that Mary Magdalene was not a prostitute, and that she had been erroneously conflated in early Christian tradition with the penitent woman in Luke" (Belief net)


Where's the Outrage?


Current events stories on sexual assault. Since its creation in 1975, the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape (PCAR) has been at the forefront of the anti-sexual violence movement. PCAR has utilized its voice to advance the rights of countless victims and to affect critical change through its active role in public policy, education, and prevention.


Women's Justice Center


This is a feminist rape crisis center website with the goal to commit to equal justice for all women and girls. This site has pages on political issues such as victim blame and survivor stories. Includes bilingual resources and advocacy.


Screaming into the void

"Simple Rules for Women to Follow to Avoid Trouble

I’ve realized all us feminist crazies have been unnecessarily complicating things in our ridiculous calls for “freedom”, which will, of course, just make us miserable. All we have to do to ensure we ladies have a happy, healthy, calm, peaceful, and long life is follow the following ten simple, clear, and completely uncontradictory rules"


MisInformation Clearinghouse


"Over the past few years, vital data has been deleted, buried, distorted, or has otherwise gone missing from government websites and publications.

The National Council for Research on Women has begun to document how these changes and exclusions affect women's lives in a new report, entitled MISSING: Information About Women's Lives." While not specifically about sexual assault this site contains data about violence against women.




NOW- The National Organization for Women (NOW) is the largest organization of feminist activists in the United States. This is the NOW page on violence against women.


Contact the press


Write to 5 newspapers/ media at a time with this NOW form for contacting the press. Select a state to contact and just check which media you would like to send an email to.




Look up statistics on the RAINN website.


Grrl Activistas and Grrl Activistas web ring


Grrl Activistas is a group for those interested in sexual violence. You can share:
complaints about media and other organisations
provide information about sexual-violence related
campaigns of any kind discuss issues relating to sexual violence in the media details of local events such as V-Day events and survivor conferences details of new books, articles, and papers.


Arming Women Against Rape & Endangerment



Andrea Dworkin


Andrea Dworkin - LETTERS FROM A WAR ZONE: WRITINGS 1976 - 1989




Discussion and debate on a variety of topics concerning women.



Bevacqua, Maria (2000). Rape on the public agenda : feminism and the politics of sexual assualt. Boston: Northeastern University Press. Find this in a library


Buchwald, Emilie & Fletcher, Pamela R. Roth, Martha (1993). Transforming a rape culture . Minneapolis, MN : Milkweed Editions.

This book is an analysis of the following:
What is a rape culture? It is a complex of beliefs that encourages male sexual aggression and supports violence against women.
Find this in a library


Matthews, Nancy (1994). Confronting Rape (International Library of Sociology). New York: Routledge.

This is a summary of the feminist rape crisis movement over the past two decades "from grass-roots efforts to the institutionalization of state-funded rape-crisis centers." see also the books cited by the above text. Find this in a library


Russell, Diana E. H. (1984). The Politics of Rape: The Victim's Perspective. USA: Backinprint.com.

A book which explores the concept of rape as a manifestation of sexism. Find this in a library


Howard, Angela & Kavenik Francis. (2000). Handbook of American Women's History. CA: Sage Publications Inc.

This is a good resource on the history of the rape crisis movement. Other topics to look up might be Andrea Dworkin and the women's movement of the 1970's.

"Both sexist stereotypes and common law conspired to make rape a criminal proceeding on which the victim and her behavior were tried rather than the defendant." p. 465, Rape / Sexual Assault


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