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Rape and Sexual Assault Petitions

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Always check the NOW page for action alerts



Every two and a half minutes, somewhere in America, someone is sexually assaulted.

Is there an issue you feel strongly about? If so there is something you can do about it.

Please CONTACT THE MEDIA (you can write to 5 at a time)



Congress regarding any concerns related to injustices against rape victims. This takes about 5 minutes of your time. Thanks.


Successful petitions previously listed on this page


Can we get rapists off our streets and behind bars? Yes, thanks to the efforts of Lifetime Television and people like you. More than 110,000 viewers signed a critical petition supporting the Justice for All Act of 2004 and made a crucial difference in assuring the recent Senate and House passage of the bill. This significant legislation will eliminate the backlog of untested DNA evidence by providing $1 billion in funding over five years to significantly improve the collection and processing of DNA evidence, and better train police officers, sexual assault forensic nurses and prosecutors.


Success! House, Senate Pass Violence Against Women Act

"The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) was passed by both houses Saturday, authorizing almost $4 billion over the next five years..."

Violence Against Women Act - how you can help


"While VAWA has historically focused almost exclusively on family violence, the new legislation broadens its focus to address sexual violence as well. Most significantly, the bill includes the Sexual Assault Services Act. SASA will, for the first time, establish direct support for victim service programs offered by local rape crisis centers, including the 1,109 centers that are partners in the National Sexual Assault Hotline. Other sections of VAWA provide for new or expanded sexual assault prevention and early intervention efforts; training for judges, police and others involved in the criminal justice process; and increased funding for the National Sexual Violence Resource Center."- RAINN

You can contact your senator to encourage or thank them here.



New petitions to sign


Please consider sending this letter concerning the tragedy in Darfur to your representatives - or officials. This form will take you to an automatic email system to contact them. This takes about 3 minutes of your time. Thanks.

There are also other actions you can take.


Protest the release of a rapist (parole) in 2007


"I was notified that my perpetrator is going to be considered for parole in May 2007. If he is released, it will be at the expense of another child’s innocence. I have been told by my victim coordinator to protest and I am. I have an on-line petition that is being signed to support me in protesting his release. Please join me in the fight to keep in locked up…..by signing and saying NO MORE VICTIMS."


Tell Congress to vote against sexually abusive tactics

Please call your Senator and Representative today and tell them you're outraged. Dial 1-800-AMNESTY and our operators will connect you or call the Congressional switch board directly at 202-224-3121


Petition to Unshelve Rape Kits



Petition on The Houdood Ordinance - Pakistan's Denial for Justice for Rape!



Declaration Condemning Child Rape in Africa


Child-rape has reached pandemic proportions in the country of South Africa and many other places in the world.


Sexual & Domestic Assault County Unit Petition


Sexual and Domestic Assault is a world-wide epidemic. Every 90 seconds someone in the world becomes a victim of rape. We could use 'Special Victim's Unit' not only on television, but in every county across the U.S. perhaps even the world.


Concerned Citizens Against Rape


A request for Public Service Announcements to appear in the media on a DAILY basis, to educate the public about the precautions which can be taken to protect themselves from predators.


Petition to Strengthen Domestic Violence Laws


WADV feels that all persons have a right to exist without fear on this earth. If you agree and would like to help in our effort to strengthen laws on Domestic Violence, sign the petition below. Your signature along with those of other concerned individuals will be forwarded to President George W. Bush, your Congressman and Representatives.


After the Silence Petition


This petition calls upon the Surgeon General to declare the trauma of rape a national health problem of epidemic proportions.



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Womens week events

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War and rape

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Cultural Diversity

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Black Women's Rape Action Project


Information on struggles against rape, domestic violence, racist sexual assault, and seeking asylum after rape.


Institute on Domestic Violence in the African American Community


The Institute's Mission is: To provide an interdisciplinary vehicle and forum by which scholars, practitioners, and observers of family violence in the African American community will have the continual opportunity to articulate their perspectives on family violence through research findings, the examination of service delivery and intervention mechanisms, and the identification of appropriate and effective responses to prevent/reduce family violence in the African American community.


INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence


A national activist organization of radical feminists of color advancing a movement to end violence against women of color and their communities through direct action, critical dialogue and grassroots organizing.


I Will Survive


"I Will Survive: The African-American Guide to Healing from Sexual Assault and Abuse is a celebration of healing and empowerment. This book grew from Robinson’s own experience as a survivor of sexual violence. She was on staff at Emerge magazine when she was raped in 1995. An article she wrote about her assault and the alleged assault of a college student—for which she won a first place award at the 1998 National Association of Black Journalists annual convention — generated an outpouring of letters from readers affected by sexual violence. Those letters inspired Robinson to write I Will Survive."


Alianza or RAINN espanol


The National Latino Alliance for the Elimination of Domestic Violence (Alianza) is part of a national effort to address the domestic violence needs and concerns of under-served populations.


Domestic Violence Project


A very comprehensive directory of information about violence against women. Information includes diversity and minority groups.


Journal articles: Look in the Ethnic News Watch database at your library. Find Journal Articles on this subject.


Roberson, Amaya Naomi. (2003). The Silence Around Black Women and Rape. Off Our Backs. 33 (9/10). p45, 1p.

Zink, Therese; Jacobson, C Jeffrey; Regan, Saundra; Fisher, Bonnie; Pabst, Stephanie (2006). Older Women's Descriptions and Understandings of Their Abusers. Violence Against Women: An International and Interdisciplinary Journal,12, (9), pp. 851 - 865.


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Find Journal Articles on this subject

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