International Rape Crisis Hotlines

World wide / International abuse and crisis help lines. Are you in crisis right now? You can call the National Sexual Assault Hotline, operated by RAINN, 24 hours a day at 1-800-656-HOPE (4673) in the USA. You can also search for your local rape crisis center. If you are in danger now call 911. If you are reporting a rape you should ask the local crisis center for a victim's advocate who will walk you through the process. For information on Reporting a rape click here.


International Rape Crisis Hotline Directories

USA Crisis Centers


International hotlines from RAINN


A world wide directory of International abuse and crisis help lines.

Very comprehensive listing in several languages from HP


International listing of crisis center websites


Rape Crisis Network Europe

Click on the words rape crisis centers on the bottom left side of the screen.



Rape Crisis Centers by State and Country from Broken Spirits

Find rape crisis centers near you by state or country.

This section is linked to an online support message board.


Rape Crisis Centers by Country and State

This directory was created by the founders and contributed to by members of the Pandora's Aquarium support group.


International women's directory

List of resources by country alphabetically


Hotlines- International

UK - I've been raped, what should I do? from BBC

International Association of Forensic Nurses

Select resources from the menu. This site lists resources by state.


If you are a student free counseling is probably available through your University. For rape crisis information for your school try this google search. Please enter the name of your University. Example : Rape and LSU and Counseling

Crisis Sites by region


Women's Aid Federation of England

"About Women's Aid - Women's Aid Federation of England (Women's Aid) is the national charity working to end domestic violence against women and children."


SANE - Britain's longest standing mental health helpline

SANELINE 0845 767 8000 is SANE's national telephone helpline offering support and information to callers throughout the UK.


Victim Support

Support for victim's of crime in England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland

"We provide free and confidential support to help you deal with your experience, whether or not you report the crime."



Australian crisis hotlines ( 6247 2525)

Use this page for specific contact details on services available in each State and Territory within Australia.


Online crisis help for Australia




Rape Crisis Network Ireland

Click on the words "find help" at the top left of the screen.

"The Rape Crisis Network (RCNI) is a multi-member political and campaigning organisation committed to the elimination of all forms of sexual violence through effecting political, cultural and social change." 1 800-778888



Rape Crisis Scotland

Click on "local centres" to find rape crisis centers.



Middle East

Middle East crisis information



Asia resources from - International Domestic Violence

Medical care in Asia



Collectif Féministe Contre le Viol

+33 800 05 95 95 helpline, Email:




91 574 01 10


Canadian Resources

Pan Canadian group of sexual assault centres

"We are a Pan Canadian group of sexual assault centres who have come together to implement the legal, social and attitudinal changes necessary to prevent, and ultimately eradicate, rape and sexual assault."


Ontario, Canada rape crisis resources

Rape crisis centers in Canada


Domestic violence agencies: Canada


Canadian women's health resources


Canadian Government Site


Status of Women Canada

"Status of Women Canada (SWC) is the federal government agency which promotes gender equality, and the full participation of women in the economic, social, cultural and political life of the country."


Canadian women's resources directory


Vancouver rape and releif links


Shelternet connects abused women to shelters


Hotlines by topic

Rape Crisis Hotlines

  • Rape Crisis 1.800.656.HOPE (4673)
  • Rape & Sexual Abuse Support Centre (RASASC) -

    Helpline 020 8683 3300 / Counselling 020 8683 3311

  • Victim Support 0845 30 30 900


    Self Injury Hotlines

  • Self Injury 1.800.DON'T.CUT (366-8288)
  • Bristol Crisis Service for Women + 44 (0) 117 925 1119


    Suicide Hotlines

  • Suicide Hotline 1.800.SUICIDE (784.2433)
  • The Samaritans 0345 90 90 90


    Domestic Violence Hotlines

  • Domestic Violence 1.800.799.SAFE (7233)
  • Lifeline 01262 469 085
  • Women's Aid Federation 08457 023 048


    LGBTQ Hotlines

  • Gay & Lesbian 1.888.THE.GLNH (843.4564)
  • LGBT Domestic Violence 07812 644 914




International Therapy Information


For information call 0845.766.0163

Seeking a therapist in the UK


Find a Psychologist in the UK


Find a Therapist in the UK


Find a Therapist in the UK


Find an EMDR specialist in the UK


International directory of therapists

SANELINE 0845 767 8000 is SANE's national telephone helpline offering support and information to callers throughout the UK.





Albania - Counselling Centre for Women and Girls


Belgium - SOS VIOL

Bosnia VE ZENE



Bulgaria - "Animus Association" Foundation


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