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Jobs in North Carolina- finding jobs and unemployment information for NC



Welfare to work program


Register for work in North Carolina at this site


Apply for Unemployment benefits in one step with this online application. 


Find a job in North Carolina.


Job information from NC GOV


A listing of jobs by type.


The Work First Program-

"Work First, which began in July 1995, is North Carolina's plan to help families stay off welfare or move off welfare and into jobs. Work First is not just a cash assistance program, rather, it is built upon the belief that 'all people have a responsibility to their families and community to work and provide for their children.'"


Employment security commission of North Carolina

(This site has links on finding a job as well as benefits and aid)


North Carolina job openings listed.


Quality Staffing Specialists

(Contact Sadie Bell or Karen Bender at 481-4114)




Raleigh relocation help desk


NC job finder on

All star jobs


NC internships- There are some very interesting positions that are entry level jobs.  Some internships do not pay but are great experience for getting a job later.


Community voice mail (answering machine)

Contact the person listed on this page to set up a free community voice mail account (click here to read about CVM).

50% of CVM users looking for jobs found jobs; and 65% of CVM homeless users found housing.

Send an email to the person listed here from your free email account at or another server.



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