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How to use the library

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How to use the library- for homeless patrons

Library rules



Libraries are great places for adventures of the mind.


Librarians like to help people find books...

There are alot of interesting things to read out there. Looking up books is really fun. You can look up anything you want.  


Click here to read about books to look up in the library.  Just type the title of the book into the home page of your library (the online catalog) and look up the call number.


Don't know exactly how to find a book?  Many people don't.  It's easy!  Just follow these steps. 



How to find books in the library


Step 1)

Double click on a web browser icon with the mouse. It may look like a blue "e". 


You should see the home page of the website for the library you are in.

The homepage is often also the online catalog.  Online catalogs have replaced card catalogs and are actually easier to use.


The online catalog is a database that finds books by subject, title or author.  Subject searches are usually called key word searches.


Step 2)

Do a key word search on a subject you are interested in such as-

"homeless shelters"


On the library home page there should be a text box or place you can type words in the middle of the page.  Click on the down arrow next to the search box and select key word search.


Step 3)

Now type in the topic you are interested in looking up (homeless shelters). Click Search or Go.

Here is an example of what it should look like: 



Step 4)

After you click search you should see a list of book titles.

Click on the title you like the best

On the next screen you should see the title with a call number next to it.  Library of Congress call numbers look like this -

HV4504 .H665 2003 



Step 5)

Write down the call number.

The call number tells you what floor or where in the library the book is located


There are signs through out the library (especially next to the elevator and the reference desk) that look something like this:


A - AN  Second floor.


P - S Fifth floor


The first two letters of a call number are often  listed next to the floor the book is on.


That means that if a book has a call number starting with A through AN you should take the stairs or elevator to the floor listed next to those letters. 

Call numbers basically work alphabetically and numerically from left to right. 


Step 6)

Once you get to that floor there are signs at the top of the bookshelves listing the first two letters of the call numbers you will find on that row. 


If your call number starts with PQ - Go to the proper floor and find the book shelf labeled with PQ.


There are plenty of interesting fiction and non fiction books you can look up.  Have fun with your research.  Remember- you can learn anything you want.


Also Check out these homeless newspapers:


Homeless News Service
Street Publications
Wyoming Winds



There are some basic rules for most libraries.

It really helps when everyone gets along with each other.  Some of the most important ones are listed below.


No Alcohol or Illegal Drugs

No blocking aisles or doorways

No Food or drinks 

No noise and Other Disturbances - no loud talk or music.

Respecting Other's Rights - Patrons should not interfere with the use of the Library by other patrons or by Library employees performing their duties.

Do not Interfere with other library patrons' use of the library because of extremely poor hygiene. - Librarians themselves are not allowed to wear perfume to work because some patrons (visitors) have allergies and are sensitive to smells.  Most complaints from other patrons come from this type of sensitivity.

Shirt and shoes must be worn.

No solicitation - Patrons shall not solicit funds or sell any article or service.

No Theft or damaging of property. 

No smoking.

No Animals


If you follow these rules the library will be a wonderful place for you to look up information, read books and use the internet. 

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