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Information for those who have trouble reading

The learners newspaper helps people learn to read with the help of cartoons.  This site also plays the words out loud as you read.  The stories help improve life skills and the pictures are fun.  You will need to get head phones and turn the speakers on.


Find a place to learn how to read near you.



Learn the letters of the alphabet with moving pictures

Literacy courses online - free from verizon


US literacy organizations


Tutorial on how to use a computer


The literacy list


This website was developed by Archie Willard, a dyslexic who learned to read at age 54. "Hiding my illiteracy, I managed to get through life quite well -- held a steady job, was active in various community organizations, and was even elected to the city council."


Family Literacy Program Directory




Cool books to look up in the library!  Just type the title into the home page of your library (online catalog) and look up their call number. 




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